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The Doctor Wine European Capitals Tour

London, 29 October


Dear friends,

During my recent travels in Europe (to serve as judge at some important wine contests including Decanter´s and the Concours de Bruxelles which this year was staged in Bratislava), I found that knowledge of Italian quality wines among trade journalists and critics is still relatively limited and almost exclusively linked to questions regarding their price and not necessarily a wine´s quality or origin. At a time when the domestic market is virtually at a standstill and almost all promotional initiatives, through the OCM, are focused on non-European union countries, it seems a paradox to me to ignore fundamental markets like those in Europe which still today absorb for half of Italy´s wine exports. I realize this is a very difficult moment to find resources to invest in Europe, where OCM are not applied. Nevertheless, in order not to lose market shares it may be opportune to organize promotional ´educationals´ or seminars, together with wine tastings. With this in mind, I asked Thompson International Marketing, my wife Marina Thompson´s marketing and public relations agency, to draw up a project for a series of informative events reserved for the trade press in several key countries. The idea is to use the Doctor Wine brand of my web magazine which from the start has had an English version and is beginning to become known in other European countries, These would be basically be business-to-business initiatives and not simply tastings for the general public. In other words, the commercial aspect would be much more direct and focused on image promotion than on other factors. What I would like to do now is submit to you what Thompson has come up with to promote a greater knowledge of products and their distribution, aspects which in times like these should not be overlooked. While I will eventually be the tasting guide in these seminars, I will not directly organize them, a task I would prefer to leave to the professionalism of my wife Marina Thompson. As you may recall, she played a pivotal role in organizing the roadshows Gambero Rosso staged from 2006 to 2010. This new initiative is a more concrete and efficient evolution of that concept, above all in regard to the professionals it will be targeted for, not to mention the fact it has a lower cost overhead. Please examine this proposal carefully and sincerely, comparing the pros and cons, without feeling any obligation to be involved it if you are not interested. I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to send you all my best wishes and thank you ahead of time for your attention, also in the hope that you will find my proposal to your liking.

 Sincerely, Daniele Cernilli