Dimora Cottanera, sleeping in the vineyard

Dimora Cottanera is the new hospitality project that will be active starting from August 2023, our way of experiencing life in the vineyard that we want to share with all our guests.

It all starts with memories of the country house, that safe place that speaks of summer holidays among the rows of the vineyard.

Today, it is precisely that beauty that we want to discover to our guests, softened by a contemporary vision of hospitality. Because, on one hand, a hidden silence tells the rhythm of nature and the vineyard seems to want to cross the large windows that reveal it, while on the other hand, the inspiration of Dimora recalls that familiar authenticity, those gestures of memory, those exchanges of voices and glances that were nods of understanding then and today are our hospitality project.

So, surrounded by the scents and colors of the changing seasons, we will tell you about our passion for good wine and the flavors “of here,” the indispensable values, and the design that harmonizes with the precious local craftsmanship.

Our country house, surrounded by the vineyards of Feudo di Mezzo, after careful restoration now offers 13 rooms distributed in different environments: the villa, the courtyard, and the garden. Different in shapes, colors, and furnishings, but linked by a single desire: to dress the countryside in sober elegance, without disturbing its essence but seeking contemporaneity.

Welcome to Dimora Cottanera.

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